Waynesboro, VA Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

Waynesboro, VA Plumbing, Heating, CoolingVailes Heating & Air has been proud to provide the home and business owners of Waynesboro, VA with solutions to all of their HVAC needs.

Air Conditioning and Cooling

The experts at Vailes Heating & Air install and service all types of air conditioning systems in Waynesboro, VA. Whether you are looking to purchase your first AC system or upgrade your current air conditioner to a more efficient unit that can save money on energy bills, we can help you determine what’s right for your needs and budget.

If you are happy with your current system be sure to keep it running at optimal performance with regular AC maintenance. It’s easy to forget that your air conditioner needs attention until it’s too late. Regular air conditioning maintenance prolongs the life of your AC unit, saving you money by keeping your energy costs low and repair costs to a minimum.

Do you have a new air conditioner? Even new AC units benefit from regular maintenance, which keeps them running efficiently and saves you money.

Is your air conditioner not running as well as it should be? Contact Vailes Heating & Air. We are fully equipped to fix and service any air conditioner problems in Waynesboro, VA.

Contact us today at 540-942-0198 or request service online to schedule a FREE in home estimate or to have your air conditioner repaired.

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Furnaces and Heating

Vailes Heating & Air technicians are experienced with heating and furnace systems in Waynesboro, VA. Are you looking to purchase a new furnace or upgrade your current heating system to run more efficiently? We can determine which furnace is right for your home. This is very important, as a furnace that is too small or too large won’t operate at an efficient level, placing extra strain on the unit and costing you money!

When was the last time you had your furnace checked? The most likely answers are “Never” or “I don’t remember.” Furnace maintenance is easy to forget about, until you discover that your furnace has stopped working properly and your home or business isn’t as comfortable as it should be. Contact Vailes Heating & Air and request an appointment to have us check and service your furnace.

Do you have a new furnace? Even new furnaces benefit from regular maintenance, which keeps them running efficiently and saves you money.

Has your furnace stopped working properly? Vailes Heating & Air is equipped to take care of any furnace service repair you need in Waynesboro, VA.

Contact us today at 540-942-0198 or request service online to schedule a FREE in home estimate or to have your furnace repaired.

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Heat Pumps

Vailes Heating & Air has years of experience installing and maintaining heat pumps in Waynesboro, VA. Heat pumps are a smart choice when it comes to your home’s comfort. They can be more energy efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems which can bring your energy bills down.

As with any other aspect of HVAC systems, heat pump maintenance is an important way to keep your system running optimally. Don’t wait until something isn’t working properly to have your heat pump checked!

Is your heat pump not working as well as it should? Vailes Heating & Air has the technicians and experience needed to get your heat pump back in working order in Waynesboro, VA.

Contact us today at 540-942-0198 or request service online to schedule a FREE in home estimate or to have your heat pump repaired.

Water Heaters

Vailes Heating & Air is happy to offer our Waynesboro, VA customers two options when it comes to water heaters.

Many people are familiar with the traditional water heater. It works by storing water in a tank and keeping it heated to a preset temperature.

Tankless water heaters are a new idea to many people. How does it work? As the name implies, there is no tank to store water. Instead, water is heated on an as-needed basis. A couple of the key benefits of a tankless water heater are that you are not heating water until it’s needed and you won’t run out of hot water.

Let the water heater professionals at Vailes Heating & Air help you determine which type of water heater is best for your situation.

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At Vailes Heating & Air we put you and your home first. Our expert plumbers get the job done. Whether it is your toilet, sink, bathtub or shower, new construction or a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we are here for you. From outside to inside, basements to attics, in Waynesboro, VA our plumbers are the very best.

So if you have old pipes or need new ones, and you are in Waynesboro, VA call Vailes Heating & Air today for an estimate or request service online.

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Pools, Hot Tubs & Saunas

Vailes Custom Pools & Spas professional technicians are highly skilled, courteous, clean and trained to provide you with superior pool, hot tub and sauna service. They are ready to assist you with common service projects such as pool water maintenance, hot tub leak locations, sauna diagnostic and repairs on equipment, and more.


At Vailes Custom Pools & Spas our custom pools are professionally built featuring cutting edge technology in all aspects of construction. We specialize in building fiberglass pools from start to finish. We offer energy efficient equipment to waterfalls and fibre optic lighting.

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Vailes Custom Pools & Spas offers exceptional Hot Tubs to fit your budget and needs, featuring Caldera Spas® and Softub® Spas.

Visit the link below to learn more, view photos, and read our frequently asked questions about pools, hot tubs and saunas.

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Vailes Custom Pools & Spas offer many Finnleo® Saunas to choose from, helping you relax, release stress, and ease aching muscles in your Waynesboro, VA home.

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Home Remodel

Started in 1987 by Chuck and Robert Vailes, Vailes Brothers, Inc. is a family owned full-service design/build remodeling company specializing in kitchen remodels, bath remodels and additions, as well as whole house remodels and historic renovations.

With areas of expertise ranging from restorations of older buildings to improving the appearance and functionality of new homes, Vailes Bros. offers highly customized service.

Learn more about Home Remodels, Historic Renovations, and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Waynesboro, VA zip code is 22980.

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Boiler Maintenance in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“We’ve used Vailes (& Gene) for a multitude of projects & problems over the years. They never fail to get the job done!
A first class operation, highly recommend!

– Gary W.

Furnace Repair in Waynesboro, VA 22980-5500

“Always courteous, prompt, expedient and skilled service. DEPENDABLE!”

– Betty C.

Plumbing Repair in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“Gene called first to be sure I was home and stated he would here in 7 minutes. Accurate. He explained what he was going to do for the questionable plumbing problem…. . All checked out OK. For my convenience he turned off outdoor system for cold weather protection. Very pleased with his work and customer relations.”

– Charles D.

Plumbing Repair in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“Prompt & quality service. Thank you!”

– Kenneth C.

Plumbing Maintenance in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“Really appreciated Gene's assistance this morning with my bathroom sink and getting it in good working order. Gene is very professional, patient, knowledgeable and kind. I also appreciated his allowing me to watch the work done as it was not simple.”

– Mary C.

Plumbing Repair in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“Always A1 service. Not only
very knowledgeable but very
curtious and pleasant. Never
have we ever been disappointed with anyone.
Quality service with quality

-Bill and Jane

Furnace Replacement in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“Our heating and air were replaced. The techs. were very
knowledgeable and professionable. They removed
the old and installed the new one
well within the time scheduled.
They were pleasant and kept
us informed all along the process. We could not be more
pleased with the product or the
work. The system is performing much more effiently than the old system.
Thanks Vailes. Bill and Jane”

Annual Maintenance in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“Vailes Bros. is a class act from start to finish. They have done remodeling work on our house as well as many and varied remodeling and maintenance jobs for our church. No matter the work, large or small, it is done with precision, care, and to the customer's complete satisfaction. Thank you!”

– Jeff and Cathy L.

Air Conditioning Repair in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“Technician James S. provided professional and outstanding service. When it counted the most, it was a blessing to have him enlighten us with expert service and advice through difficult times with our HVAC problems. We are looking forward to replacing our entire Payne cooling and heating system with a TRANE this fall with Vailes Heating & Air, led by Mr. James S.”

– Jerome L.

HVAC Service in Waynesboro, VA 22980

“In our medical practice we need reliable service of our heating and cooling and plumbing needs. Vailes has always responded timely and professionally. They have also resolved issues that several other heating and cooling companies could not fix. We will never change our service agreements. Thank you so much for my lunch bag.”

– M.L.

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