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A well pump is part of your well system, and like any other system and investment in your Virginia home, you need to know something about it to ensure its proper installation, maintenance, and service. Call Vailes, and we can help you protect your investment with proper care.

Types and Installation of Well Pumps

Determining what type of well pump to use with your well is largely based upon the depth of your well. The three types you’ll be considering are shallow well pumps, convertible jet well pumps, and deep well (or submersible) pumps. If you’re looking for a replacement rather than a new install, it’s best to keep with the same type you currently have for compatibility reasons. The size pump you’ll need is determined by how much water you’ll need (Gallons per Minute, or GPM). Talk to one of our professionals to help you with both type and size. Fun fact––no matter type of well pump you’ll have, all the pumps have the same components on their outsides.

Shallow well pump. The shallow well pump is utilized with wells 25 feet deep or less. It’s not submersible and is placed outside the well, usually in a type of well housing. The most common type of shallow pump used these days is a jet pump.

Convertible jet well pump. The convertible jet well pump is used with wells 0 to 25 feet deep with a shallow jet well nozzle or 25 to 90 feet deep with an ejector assembly. This type of pump isn’t submersible and is placed in a well housing. People who have a fluctuating water table usually choose this type of pump.

Deep well (or submersible) pump. The deep well pump is used in wells as deep as 90 to 300 feet. They contrast to shallow well pumps in that they’re submerged inside your well.

When it’s time to install a new or replacement well pump, leave it to a professional pump installer. There are so many factors when dealing with water, someone experienced and knowledgeable is a must. Water contamination is no laughing matter. When looking for someone to install your pump, be sure to ask questions. You want to know about their experience and what equipment they’ll be using. Also be sure the installer follows local codes and regulations in addition to obtaining the necessary applications, permits, and inspections. Keep in mind, this is all an investment. Trying to cut corners to save on costs will not prove beneficial in the long run. Using someone cheaper may mean they’re less experienced or don’t use the highest-quality equipment. This is your water we’re talking about. “The staff of life.” Cutting corners now will simply end up costing you more later in replacements or repairs, or worse, your health. Having the job performed correctly first time round is worth everything.

Maintenance and Service

The two biggest priorities in residential well pump maintenance are keeping the pump working efficiently and protecting the water from contaminants like bacteria and pollution. To keep your well pump working efficiently, it’s recommended to have an annual checkup of your well and well pump by a qualified professional. As part of the maintenance you can perform yourself, protect your well from any type of contamination by keeping all toxic household chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and paints from seeping into the ground near your well. They can make their way into the ground water and to the well. Also, septic and wastewater drainage needs to be a safe distance from the well to prevent any cross contamination. While you’re having your maintenance performed, be sure your water will also be tested at that time for quality.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it’s most likely time to call a technician to check your well pump: pump won’t start/run or it starts/stops too often, circuit breaker trips while pump starts or is running, motor pump won’t run, low water pressure or no water at all, dirty water, strange or loud noises with the water, unusually high electric bills (your pump may be running continuously), or sputtering faucet water. These usually indicate a well pump problem.

Performing regular maintenance on your well and well pump can help ensure a well pump that will work hard for you for years. Call us to schedule a maintenance appointment now. Or if you’re looking to install a new or replace an old well pump here in Virginia, call to speak with one of our professionals. We are happy to help.

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