The Ever-Growing Importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Energy Efficiency

Fan on a side table next to a newspaper & cup of coffee, The Ever-Growing Importance of Indoor Air Quality & Energy Efficiency

Homes are more than just the spaces we live in. As current times are proving, our dwellings keep us safe and are representative of our lifestyle. With stay-at-home orders affecting most of the country, homeowners have been given time to reflect on the aspects of their home that serve them best, as well as features that need to be updated or changed.

While we’re spending more time at home (than probably ever before!), two factors are rising above the rest as priorities: indoor air quality (IAQ) & energy efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

High indoor air quality is a result of both ventilation and your HVAC system working in tandem. Ventilation systems remove stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outside air. That’s when heating and cooling systems make their move. Systems like our split-ductless Zoned Comfort Solutions®, continuously filter room air removing dust and allergens. This creates a fresher atmosphere in the home and promotes wellness.

Energy Efficiency

Remote work, cooking, cleaning and binge-watching are already impacting utility bills, and homeowners sheltering in place with conventional air conditioners can expect an additional spike in utility bills as the cooling season hits. Our Zoned Comfort Solutions adjust capacity and energy consumption to precisely match occupant needs unlike the wasteful start-and-stop cycle of conventional systems. The result: increased savings and comfortable families. One such family, the Schmeltzers, who selected Mitsubishi Electric for their new home in Asheville, North Carolina, foresaw these benefits.

“We saw it as a really great financial investment. If we were going to put our funds into a new house, having one that is really energy-efficient made sense to us, particularly when we thought ahead 20 or 30 years and considered how energy costs will go up,” said Sally Schmeltzer, homeowner.

While at home, it’s a good time to rethink how your current abode is working (or not working) for you. For more information on Zoned Comfort Solutions, please contact Vailes Home Improvement Services for more information!

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