Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air on the Cool Setting?

Whole family are sitting on the floor in front of fans because their heat pump is blowing hot air.

We at Vailes Home Improvement Services hope you’re enjoying the warm weather this season. Although if you’re reading this article, you might be a bit tired of it. It’s a hot day, yet your heat pump doesn’t want to cooperate and is circulating hot air throughout your house. If this is the case, you probably want to take care of it right away.

Here are five reasons your heat pump might be blowing hot air while on the Cool setting:

1. Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Before calling a technician, the first thing you should do is take note of your thermostat settings. Be sure you’ve set your thermostat to Auto or On, as well as Cool. The Fan setting will not cool your house; it simply circulates warm air. Next, be sure you’ve adjusted the thermostat two to four degrees below the current room temperature.

2. Incorrect Thermostat Configuration

Sometimes, due to faulty wiring or a variety of other mishaps, your thermostat may not be correctly communicating with your heat pump. If this appears to be the case, a technician should come to your home and repair it.

3. Clogged Air Filter

When an air filter becomes clogged, this significantly hinders your heat pump’s ability to circulate cool air. Check your air filter. If it’s dirty, replace or clean it (depending on the type of filter). Afterwards, you should quickly notice an improvement in air quality and temperature.

4. Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant flows through the heat pump’s coils, harvesting hot air from your home and pushing it outside. If your refrigerant is low or empty, your heat pump can’t do its job. Refrigerant is continuously cycled through your heat pump, so the refrigerant doesn’t regularly need to be replaced. However, if the canister springs a leak, you have a problem. You should contact your HVAC technician for this repair, as refrigerant is a substance requiring extra care when handled. Additionally, an internal problem with your heat pump may have caused the leak.

5. Duct Leak

Air ducts, especially older ones, are prone to leaking. When your ductwork springs a leak, it can’t properly disperse the air through your vents. This might make your home feel hot in some spots. If you suspect that you have leaky ducts, call Vailes. We can perform a detailed thermal analysis where we’ll be able to spot the source of the leak and repair it.

Here in Waynesboro, VA, the summers can be scorching. Your heat pump is designed to keep you comfortable in both warm and cool weather. If it’s not pulling its weight this season, call us at 540-942-0198. Our technicians are well versed when it comes to troubleshooting heat pumps. We’ll get it back up and running, guaranteed.

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