This Thanksgiving, Gather Around the Table, Not the Heater!

Thanksgiving Meal, This Thanksgiving, Gather Around the Table, Not the Heater!

By the time Thanksgiving comes around each year, temperatures have dropped across much of the country and you’ve likely turned your heating system on. This year’s no different, with regions all across the U.S. experiencing below average cold temperatures. Instead of cozy winter nights and festive holiday activities you may be envisioning sitting by the heating vents in your home and bundling up head to toe (even indoors).

This holiday season doesn’t have to be this way! At Mitsubishi Electric, we want you to gather around the table, not your heater. Our Zoned Comfort Solutions® are an ideal system for eliminating winter’s cold drafts and temperature discomfort, so you can spend less time thinking about getting warm and more about which Thanksgiving side dish to try first.

How is Zoned Comfort Solutions different from conventional HVAC systems?

Zoned Comfort Solutions can be used to solve comfort issues throughout a whole home or in a single room. This heat pump system uses zoning, meaning that an individual unit is placed in a specific space in a home based on occupant usage. Unlike conventional systems that have a furnace centrally located in the home with ductwork stretched to each room, Zoned Comfort Solutions can have individually controlled units spread throughout a residence. This ensures evenly-distributed comfort which can be adjusted as needed to the zones in use for optimal energy efficiency.

For example, if you’re hosting Thanksgiving in the kitchen and have football on in the living room, your system will prioritize those areas while scaling back rooms such as the bedroom and basement that don’t have occupants during the day. Once your company is gone and you’re ready to drift off into a turkey-induced sleep, you can put the system’s priority back on the bedrooms. Both ducted and ductless indoor unit options are available which allow for minimized ductwork and therefore less air leakage, which can often be the culprit behind ineffective heating and cooling.

How can Zoned Comfort Solutions keep the cold at bay?

Our Zoned Comfort Solutions work wonderfully all year long, even in winter months. Even in the coldest of climates, homeowners may consider heat pumps equipped with Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology. H2i capability ramps up heating power offering 100% heating capacity down to 5° F and 76% at -13° F. These units also feature Hot Start mode, which makes sure the coil is nice and warm before the fan energizes to blow air into your room.

This season, your focus should be on family, friends and food. Keeping warm shouldn’t cross your mind until you step outside.

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