Spring HVAC Refresh

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Spring has officially sprung and with it comes spring cleaning. Many homeowners use this time of year as a chance to refresh, tidy up and tackle home improvement projects before the summer heat creeps in.

As you get your home in shape, consider your HVAC system and whether it’s due for an inspection, a filter cleaning or even a replacement.


Maybe your outdoor unit has been making more noise than usual, or you’ve noticed a change in the airflow coming out of your indoor units. Regardless of the issue, it’s smart to call in a licensed contractor to perform an inspection and resolve any problems before temperatures outside warm up. The hotter it gets outside, the harder your system will work and make what could be an easy fix now a more costly repair down the road.

Even if you aren’t experiencing a problem, having your system inspected annually helps extend its lifespan. A contractor will notice leaks or blockages in ductwork, or issues with an evaporator coil, for example, that the average homeowner likely would not.

Spring Clean Those Filters

As electric HVAC technologies advance, so do the filters they use to reduce indoor air contaminants. Filters from Mitsubishi Electric are easy to maintain and, if cleaned regularly, can last up to 10 years. This is not only cost effective for homeowners, but also environmentally friendly as fewer filters pile up in landfills.

Cleaning the filter in your split-ductless unit is an easy task to check off your spring cleaning to-do list. Simply open your indoor unit’s filter access, remove the screens, wash the filters in the sink and allow them to dry thoroughly. Once dry, slide them back in and mark your calendar to repeat the process each month.

It’s important to keep your filter cleaned year-round, but especially in the springtime as pollen, dust and other allergens infiltrate our world. Your home’s indoor air quality will improve and your sinuses will thank you.

System Replacement

“Out with the old, in with the new,” is commonly heard this time of year, as attics are purged and boxes are filled with donations for charity. You may not be able to donate your HVAC system but you can put some serious thought into whether it’s time to upgrade your system.

If you’re still using a gas-burning furnace, now is a good time to look back at your winter utility bills and see how they compare to homeowners with electric heating systems in similar climates.

Today’s modern heat pump systems, such as Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric, are known for their energy efficiency. Instead of running in an energy-wasting stop/start cycle like older technologies do, heat pumps run continuously to maintain a room’s set point. This results in cost savings for homeowners.

Spring is a great time to get your life organized, from your home to your finances and everything in between. Giving your HVAC system some attention now could help make your home more comfortable, lower your utility costs and keep you less stressed as you go into summer knowing your cooling needs will be met. Give us a call at Vailes Home Improvement Services for more information!

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