Introducing the Deluxe Wall-mounted H2i plus™ System!

Introducing the Deluxe Wall-Mounted H2i plus™ System! | Vailes

The winter heating season is upon us. Staying warm and comfortable is top of mind for homeowners, especially for those living in Northern climates where the need is greatest for reliable heating.

Homeowners in extreme cold climates have often relied on fossil fuel-burning systems for dependable comfort but would prefer energy-efficient alternatives. Introducing our hyper-heating technology with even more heating power: Hyper-Heating INVERTER® H2i plus™!

The Deluxe Wall-mounted H2i plus System, our latest heat pump offering this enhanced technology, provides unparalleled performance at 100 percent capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as -5° F. Even in extreme weather conditions or cold regions, like the Northeast or Midwest, you can stay comfortable inside and enjoy dependable HVAC operation with reduced need for fuel-burning or electric-resistance heating when the system is sized correctly.

Another bonus of the system? The new MUZ-FS heat pumps pair with MSZ-FS Wall-mounted Indoor Units equipped with Dual Barrier Coating. Applied within the unit, Dual Barrier Coating prevents dust, particles and oils from building up, resulting in reduced maintenance, increased efficiency and cleaner airflow.

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