Different Generation – Different Home Renovation Focus

Renovated Living Room

As young adults begin to purchase homes, we’re starting to document their preferences and priorities. Gen-Z and younger Millennials generally favor low-maintenance, sustainable design and smart technologies integrated into their dwellings — and they are willing to invest in these features. In a recent UpSwell survey reported by Qualified Remodeler, “adults ages 18 – 29 plan to increase their home improvement spending in 2021, more than any other age group.”

Younger survey respondents plan to spend an average of $2,241 on upgrades and maintenance, while older respondents averaged $1,744. The top areas of Gen-Z and Millennial project spending: lawncare/landscaping, renovations or contractor-type projects and cleaning services. With the popularity of home-improvement programming such as HGTV, online platforms like Houzz and more time spent at home over the last year, younger homeowners are ready to customize their spaces.

Investing in Indoor Air Quality

Contractor projects and major renovations should include upgrading the home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). With traditional heating systems such as gas-burning furnaces being a major contributor to poor air quality and carbon emissions, upgrading to an all-electric HVAC system can be a worthwhile investment improving both sustainability and energy efficiency.

All-electric, zero-emission HVAC options such as Mitsubishi Electric’s mini- and multi-split heat-pump air-conditioning systems fit the next generation of homes designed for enhanced occupant comfort, wellness and energy efficiency. These systems can help reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution through non-combustion, all-electric heating while giving young adults personalized comfort control.

With mini-splits’ zoned configuration, homeowners can match energy usage with their lifestyle by easily setting back or completely turning off a room or zone not in use. This method produces greater efficiency and more reliable comfort than traditional, centralized HVAC systems. Traditional systems only run at full power and waste energy by cycling from off to on as rooms become uncomfortable. Also, the younger generations accustomed to connectivity and on-demand services have control options beyond a stationary, wall-mounted thermostat. Our systems work with smart interfaces such as our kumo cloud® app and web service to give homeowners remote control of their indoor environments with the swipe of a smartphone or tablet.

As home trends and purchasing decisions change over the years, the best investments improve your quality of life and comfort along with your home’s efficiency and sustainability. If you’re a young homeowner looking into different heating and cooling options, visit www.mitsubishicomfort.com to learn more about the mini-split and heat pump difference or call Vailes Home Improvement Services at 540-942-0198.

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