Enjoy the Summer Sustainably

Title: Enjoy the Summer Sustainably Photo: Technician inspecting HVAC unit outside

With the start of summer also comes the beginning of the busy season for your air conditioner. Homeowners commonly brace themselves for higher energy bills during this time of year. However, with the cooling power delivered by Mitsubishi Electric, you can have the best of both worlds: a reprieve from the heat and efficient, cost-saving performance.

The kickoff to summer is a great time to consider sustainable appliances for your home. Here are some tips on how to maximize your HVAC experience

Make the Switch to Heat Pump Technology

For reliable and smart cooling all summer long, we recommend our variable-capacity heat pump (VCHP) systems. Equipped with INVERTER-driven compressors, VCHPs operate up to 40 percent more efficiently than conventional air conditioners by using minimal electricity to maintain your preferred indoor temperature.

With different areas of the U.S. experiencing an early or late summer, the beauty of Mitsubishi Electric systems shines through. When you’re having your system installed, your contractor can help you divide your home into zones, allowing you to set different temperatures for different parts of your home. Each zone can have a unique set point to match how you and your family use the space. So, regardless of your comfort level, Mitsubishi Electric VCHPs have you covered.

The best thing about VCHPs? Their energy efficiency means a lower bill for you and a better outcome for the environment

Get an Inspection

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Remember, the hotter it gets outside, the harder your system will work to cool your home — even energy-efficient, high-performance systems have to work a little harder to maintain your desired set points on the hottest summer days. If you wait, you could be looking at a costly repair in August for something you could easily address now.

Having a licensed contractor come in for an inspection allows you to take care of air-conditioning issues before the summer heat takes hold. Adding an annual inspection to your to-do list is a good idea even if your system seems trouble-free. The contractor will service the system and address hidden issues like leaks or blockages in your ductwork or issues with an evaporator coil. Resolving potential issues before they become problems can extend your system’s lifespan. 

Clean Your Filters

Yes, we’re really suggesting you add a chore to your summer plans, but this is one you can reap major benefits from. Plus, if you have a relatively new HVAC system, particularly one from Mitsubishi Electric, cleaning the filters is a breeze. Our filters are easy to maintain and can last for up to 10 years if cleaned regularly. More cost-effective for homeowners? Check. Friendly for your home’s indoor environmental quality (IEQ)? Double check.

To clean, simply open the indoor unit grill, slide out the filters, rinse them in the sink, and allow them to dry thoroughly. When they’re dry, slide them back in and mark your calendar to repeat the process each month.

Keeping your filter cleaned year-round boosts indoor air quality (IAQ) and prevents buildup of potentially harmful airborne particles. Improving your home’s IAQ is truly something to celebrate.

VCHPs from Mitsubishi Electric can provide energy-efficient air conditioning and gas-free heating for homes across the United States. If you’re ready to improve your home’s comfort and sustainability year-round, visit MitsubishiComfort.com.

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