Indoor Air Quality Quiz

It’s a common misconception that comfort is based on air temperature alone. INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IAQ) is just as important as how hot/cold your home is. The air quality in and around your home affects the health and comfort of your family. Poor IAQ may lead to allergies, nose bleeds, frequent illness, dust buildup, and lingering smells. Common causes of poor IAQ are mold, allergens (dust, pet dander), VOCs (volatile organic compounds like aerosol and cleansers), and bacteria/viruses.
Take our quiz below to determine if your home could use an air quality upgrade.
If you checked 3 or more of these boxes, your indoor air quality may be suffering. Ask our team about a recommendation based on which boxes you checked.


TRANE Quickbox Media filter

The QuikBox Air Cleaner’s high-efficiency filtration is the answer for better removal of household dust, pet dander and other allergy and asthma triggers—and even viruses and bacteria. QuikBox makes it simple and affordable to upgrade your indoor air quality, with multiple options to meet your needs. It’s a whole-home solution that protects your family’s health with cleaner, safer air.

Trane Quickbox

Santa Fe Compact 70 Dehumidifiers

The Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier, formerly the Compact2, is a powerful yet space-saving dehumidifier that eliminates moisture in basements and crawl spaces. Its horizontal design makes it perfect for low-clearance crawl spaces and tight basement areas. This dehumidifier is rated to cover medium-sized basements and crawl spaces up to 2,200 square feet.


Trane Steam Humidifier

The Trane® Steam Humidifier is the ultimate solution in providing the correct amount of indoor moisture in all climates with all types of heating systems.  This unit operates independently of the heating system to provide the desired indoor moisture level at all times. A steam humidifier is approximately 90% more efficient in water usage than a bypass humidifier.


Trane Bypass Humidifier

The Trane® Bypass Humidifier uses the indoor unit’s fan to distribute warm, moist air throughout the home. Having the correct humidity can help alleviate dry skin and allergy symptoms and protect valuables such as furniture, paintings and woodwork.

Trane Bypass